I have noticed something recently that has made me a little concerned. This concern stems from the idea that we need to change the Church to meet some over idealized concept of the New Testament Church. I have encountered more than one group recently who seems to think that they have special understanding of what constitutes the “early Church” and that everyone needs to adopt this understanding in order to be effective in today’s society.

Am I wrong for being concerned by this? I am not saying that there is no room for change in the Church. In fact, I am encouraged by the movement towards building greater community, both within the Church, and between the Church and the local community. However, I am concerned by the notion that there is something wrong with the traditional ways of the Church. And possibly the very idea of having a Church service with set songs, prepared sermons, etc. I am concerned by the desire to throw it all out entirely and rebuild to our (sometimes faulty) understanding of what the New Testament Church was. Especially when this understanding is often informed by the current fads and whims of society. When those fads and whims fade, what are we left with?

This is simply me thinking out loud in order to see what other people think of this. Am I being too touchy and protective of something that I am personally attached to? That could very well be the case. But it seems important to me currently.