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In Witherington’s opinion, the starting point is a climax and not a beginning, “[We] need to begin where the light shines brightest and the insights into divine character are clearest” (2009, p.26). Each of the NT witnesses, he argues, beholds the image of Jesus in their own particular way and even though they may differ, when the individual witnesses are established one is able to discern a collective witness. In each chapter Witherington outlines how a particular New Testament author (or genre) theologises and ethicises in light of the Christ event (2009, p.815). It is quite a task that he undertakes and essentially, as I understood him, Witherington argues for a particularly high Christology in each and every NT writing! There is, it would seem, a unity amongst the diversity!

Volume one of The Indelible Image is an exposition of each of the witnesses. In taking this approach Witherington is able to lay a foundation for understanding what the New Testament teaches concerning theology and ethics as a whole. This approach provides an understanding of all the New Testament voices and honours them as “individual witnesses on these subjects” (Witherington, 2009, p.16). As Matthew Levering notes in his endorsement, Witherington has written a commentary on every New Testament book. While some may claim this is, in this age of increasing specialisation, not ideal, it has placed him in the envious position of being aware of the whole New Testament narrative which is something the author of this paper believes has been beneficial to the overall work. Whether one agrees with Witherington’s conclusions however, is another matter!

[In my next post I will undertake my feeble critique of Ben’s tome!]