– Fr. Ted Bobosh reminds us that Jesus is the key to interpreting Torah.

– Peter Enns asks why Cain murdered Abel.

– Daniel Kirk ponders the demonic in Mark 9.

– Cynthia Nielsen continues her exploration of an archaeological-hermeneutical fusion here.

– Michael Thompson discusses theology as poetry.

– Roger Olson wonders if God can change the past.

– T.C. Robinson shares a quotation from N.T. Wright where he addresses the relationship between tradition and Scripture. Also, he ponders the “center” of Paul’s theology.

– Kevin DeYoung says tradition still requires interpretation.

– Ashley Makar provides us with some insight into the mindset of Egyptian Christians.

– California is such an amazing place in the world that there is now a theological committee being formed to address State specific issues (I think I may propose a paper)!

– There is a new blog dedicated to evangelicalism.