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John J. Collins
Beyond the Qumran Community: The Sectarian Movement of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Reviewed by Philip R. Davies

David Lyle Jeffrey and C. Stephen Evans, eds.
The Bible and the University
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Morrow

Timothy Jay Johnson
Now My Eye Sees You: Unveiling an Apocalyptic Job
Reviewed by Scott C. Jones

Jason Kalman and Jaqueline S. du Toit
Canada’s Big Biblical Bargain: How McGill University Bought the Dead Sea Scrolls
Reviewed by Matthew A. Collins

Edward W. Klink III
The Audience of the Gospels: The Origin and Function of the Gospels in Early Christianity
Reviewed by Theodore J. Weeden Sr.

Daniel A. Machiela
The Dead Sea Genesis Apocryphon: A New Text and Translation with Introduction and Special Treatment of Columns 13-17
Reviewed by Benjamin Ziemer

Laura Salah Nasrallah
Christian Responses to Roman Art and Architecture: The Second-Century Church amid the Spaces of Empire
Reviewed by Rosemary Canavan
Reviewed by Lee M. Jefferson

Lawrence H. Schiffman
Qumran and Jerusalem: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the History of Judaism
Reviewed by Sidnie White Crawford

Michael E. Stone, Aryeh Amihay, and Vered Hillel, eds.
Noah and His Book(s)
Reviewed by Emma England
Reviewed by Anthony Swindell