Neither garbage nor trash in these links!

– Daniel Kirk shares some thoughts on ‘Adam, OT, and Judaism’ and ‘God’s Word as God’s mystery’.

– Walter Kaiser thinks modern Egypt may be found in Is. 19.

– The Gospel Coalition blog has a nice series of post dedicated to the theme of their 2011 National Conference “They Testify of Me: Preaching Jesus and the Gospel from the Old Testament”:  Collin Hansen’s introduction here, an interview with Sidney Greidanus here, and interview with Steve Mathewson here, Paul House shares the concerns of an OT scholar here, and Don Carson addresses canonical unity here.

– T.C. Robinson asks if we should read Romans as an outline of Paul’s theology.

– Cliff Kvidahl is exegeting his way through 1 Cor: 1.1-3, 1.4-9, 1.10-17, 1.18, 1.19-25.

– Listen to N.T. Wright’s talk “Israel’s commission, Abraham’s reward” and James D.G. Dunn’s “Luke’s Jerusalem Perspective” here.

– Michael Gormon announces some lectures he will be giving on the doctrine of justification.

– W. Travis McMaken is thinking about Barth on Scheliermacher and theological language.

– Scott Lencke attempts to define “apostle”. Also, he shares some articles discussing whether or not John Calvin may have spoken in tongues.

– Scot McKnight discusses Stanley Hauerwaus’ autobiography.

– James K.A. Smith is interviewed about his book Thinking in Tongues.

– Nijay Gupta interviews Brenda Colijn on her book Images of Salvation in the New Testament.

– Nick Norelli reviews Jonathan Pennington’s Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of Matthew and Edward Siecienski’s The Filoque: History of a Doctrinal Controversy.

– Rodney Thomas argues that the Bible should not be taught in public schools.

– Christopher Skinner discusses what Biblical Studies professors actually teach here, here, and here.

– For a long, intense series on Christian non-violence go here.