– The [ad hoc] Christianity podcast discussed a post from Mark Stevens and one from myself here. We both get favorable comments, so that was relieving!

– The Gospel Coalition is putting together a resource site for preaching Christ from the OT.

– Peter Enns discusses good v. evil in the Cain-Abel story.

– Crystal Rodli wrestles with the Psalms and systematic theology.

– Cliff Kvidahl compares the “quest for the historical Jesus” to the “quest for Atlantis”. Brilliant! Also, he continues exegeting his way through 1 Cor: 1.26-31.

– Bill Mounce asks if Jesus could sanctify himself while looking at Jn. 17.17-19.

– T.C. Robinson considers Paul’s “weakness” in 2 Cor. 12.9-10.

– Kevin Brown shares a great thought on the resurrection as an “eschatological event”. Also, he has been translating through The Didache: 1.1-6; 2.1-7.

– Watch James K.A. Smith’s lecture on the “Spirit of Knowledge” from the Vineyard Scholars Conference. And don’t forget we have linked lectures by Richard Hays (here), Stan Hauerwas (here), and Richard Bauckham (here).

– Trevin Wax provides three ways to define the gospel.

– John Starke argues in favor of baptizing small children. Marc Cortez shares his thoughts.

– Michael Patton asks if regeneration proceeds faith.

– Mike S. ponders free will.

– Marc Cortez writes on Jonathan Edward’s warning against “common sense”.

– Derek Ouellette critiques Thomas Schreiner’s critiques of N.T. Wright. Dru Hart tells us why he favors James Cone over N.T. Wright.

– Cynthia Nielsen continues he series on “Fanon and Foucault on Humanism and Rejecting the ‘Black Mail’ of the Enlightenment” here and here.

– Roger Olson asks if it is possible to believe in paradox.

– Andrew Jones give info on the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ, and some ways you can help.

– Rodney Thomas is a prophet who has written a letter to his Catholic friends.

– Dan Kimball thinks about church trends.

– Kevin DeYoung provides some “distinguishing marks” of a quarrelsome person.

– Lauren Bailey writes on keeping your faith while in college.

– John Searle of speech-act fame has his UC Berkeley lectures available on Open Culture for free.

– Nick Norelli review Peter Leithart’s Deep Exegesis.