My copy of Eugene Peterson’s memoirs arrived late yesterday. It was in Adelaide on Friday morning so I have no idea why it took until 5:30 last night to get to me. But I digress…

The few chapters of the book I have read have been amazing (but you’d expect me to say that). I can hardly put it down. I feel as if Peterson is in the room with me conversing with me, challenging and encouraging me. I will never get a chance to  meet the man that has mentored me in faithful pastoral vocation over the past 5 years but already he has begun answering some of the questions I have had about his journey and beliefs. If you are a pastor you NEED to read this book (Actually this is not completely true. I suspect it will fall on deaf ears for most of those in ministry).

As an aside. Something i did not know about Peterson and something Brian LePort might find interesting: Peterson had been accepted to Yale to do his Phd under Brevard Childs! He turned down the offer in order to start the church he would pastor for nearly 30 years!

I’ll finish my preview with this quote from the first few pages:

North American culture does not offer congenial conditions in which to live vocationally as a pastor.  Men and women who are pastors in America today find that they have entered into a way of life that is in ruins. The vocation of pastor has been replaced by the strategies  of religious entrepreneurs with business plans…I wanted my life both my personal life and my working life to be shaped by God and the Scriptures and prayer. [2011, p.4]

Classic Peterson and it only gets better! More Anon [You can count on it!]