In the chapter entitled ‘Seminary’ Peterson makes the following comments about Karl Barth. “I entered seminary with little, if any interest in theology…And then I met Karl Barth.” For years I have read both Barth and Peterson. Both men have been my pastoral dialogue partners. I always suspected Peterson was a Barthian. The best parsons usually are! 😉

In reading Barth, I realised that for most of my life the people I had been living with and who had taught me the Bible had been primarily interested in getting the truth of the gospel and the Bible right, explaining it and defending it. Barth didn’t have much interest in that. He was a witness (a favourite word of his). He was calling attention to the lived quality of the Christian life, the narrative of the Bible, the good news of the gospel. Listening to God as God reveals himself in Christ and the Bible and preaching…Barth wasn’t indifferent to getting it right, but his passion was getting it lived

[Peterson, 2011, p.90)

I was not surprised to read this testimony of Barth’s theology on Peterson for in a small way it reflects my own journey with Barth. therefore, to my colleagues who have taken up the challenge to dialogue with Barth (especially Dan) I implore you, keep plugging away with Barth!


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