Licona, Michael R. (2010) The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic. (Buy from here)

For the next several weeks leading to Easter, and likely for a few weeks afterward, I will be interacting with Michael R. Licona’ newer work titled The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach. It is a large book at around seven hundred pages if you include the notes. I have heard that it may be the most relevant work on the subject since N.T. Wright published The Resurrection of the Son of God.

There are many books on the resurrection, so why read this one? Well, I asked Adrianna Wright of IVP for a copy because of the subtitle. One area where I have been greatly frustrated by historical Jesus studies is the historiographical methodology that claims scientific precision yet has led to dozens of historical Jesus reconstructions that look more or less like the author creating him.

In the introduction Licona says he will be covering the following items of interest: (1) philosophy of history and historical method; (2) objections for prominent scholars to the investigation of miracle-claims by historians; (3) primary literature related to the resurrection of Jesus; (4) a sifting of the aforementioned literature for the most promising sources; (5) review of said sources using the methodology discussed in point one. (pp. 20-22).

I anticipate an exciting read that will stretch my thinking on this subject. For those who have already read the book or some of the book what do you think of it thus far? Feel free to share links to reviews on your blog.