My love for the NIV family of Bibles (especially the TNIV) is well known. In my opinion the TNIV is a brilliant English translation to preach from. It is faithful to both text and audience. I understand that is not everyone’s opinion but it is mine.

Our denomination has traditionally encouraged its ministers to use the NRSV. When I began at Happy Valley 4 years ago I purchased a Harper Collins Study Bible (with Apocrypha). Back then I had no idea about buying Bibles. Someone suggested that the Harper Collins was the best Study Bible around. I believed them and subsequently purchased what I would later discover to be the largest Bible I had ever seen! Not only that, I later discovered I had purchased the older edition when the newer edition was available! I preached from it once or twice and found it to be too big. I used it for my post grad studies and found it to be too big to lug around seminary. I put it on the shelf and forgot about it.

When it came time to study the Gospel of Matthew in preparation for my dissertation I decided to use the Bible because I could mark it and make notes in it. Over the past few weeks I have fallen in love with this heifer-lump of a Bible. The font is large enough to read and well spaced. Unlike most bibles these days that come with wafer thin bible paper, the paper in this edition is traditional Bible paper yet thick! I can make notes and highlight without bleeding! The notes, although liberal/historical critical are fantastic.

I still love my TNIV and preach from it every Sunday but I am really enjoying my old NRSV. I like to think of it as the Cadillac of Study Bibles! 😉