– Peter Enns continues writing on Cain and the idea of some ancient interpreters that he caused the flood.

– Derek Ouellette reads the Psalms with N.T. Wright and Walter Brueggemann. Also, he compares Thomas Schreiner’s and N.T. Wright’s views of justification in two parts, here and here.

– Andrew Perriman ponders the story of the rich man and Lazarus.

– Daniel Kirk explores when Paul differentiates his guidance from commands from the Lord and how that may impact our reading of Scripture.

– Michael Bird defines what it means to be “glorified” according to Rom. 8.30.

– Cliff Kvidahl continues his journey through 1 Cor: 2.1-5.

– See several scholars outline the rhetorical structure of Galatians here.

– Bill Mounce discusses perseverance in James 1.4.

– Cynthia Nielsen has more on Fanon and Foucault here.

– The three best responses to the Rob Bell controversy have been that by Mark Gali (here), Scot McKnight (here), and David Fitch (here). Similarly, Greg Boyd’s post was very insightful, and he actually read Bell’s book. Related, Amanda Mac asks how the blogosphere depicts Christians to the world around us. In light of this event, not so good.

– Halden Doerge provides some guidelines for thinking about ecumenism.

– Miroslav Volf asks if Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

– The Gospel Coalition sees an increase in female involvement.

– Ben Myers shares some readable reflections on Pentecostal women.

– Marc Cortez shares the devotional he gave to open the recent ETS NW Regional Meeting (a very good one I might add).

– Kevin DeYoung provides some advice for those thinking about going to seminary.

– Michael Bird recommends Stanley Porter, et al’s book Fundamentals of NewTestament Greek.

Nijay Gupta reviews The Historical Jesus of the Gospels by Craig Keener.

– James McGrath reviews Bart Ehrman’s new book Forged as does Nick Norelli.

– T.C. Robinson reviews the book Four Views on Hell.