On Saturday (Aussie time) I mentioned that I had grown to appreciate an old Bible I had all but done away with. Well Dave Black has recommended an article by Bruce Metzger on the NRSV and inclusive language. I will be sure to check it out at the library tomorrow!

Dave writes:

6:04 PM Mark Stevens has rediscovered the value of the NRSV. Mark, in Scribes and Scripture: New Testament Essays in Honor of J. Harold Greenlee (which I was privileged to present to Harold at the annual SBL meeting in 1992), Bruce Metzger contributed an excellent essay on translational issues in the NRSV New Testament (he served as General Editor). If your theological library has a copy of this book, I think you’d enjoy reading Metzger’s essay. Among other hot button issues he discusses is the use of inclusive language.

Thanks Dave!

As an aside, I have started reading Dave’s book on the four gospels he graciously sent me a few week ago.  I am enjoying the challenge of a different perspective. A review is forthcoming!