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– Fr. Ted Bobish is writing about Adam, the first human and how he is depicted in 2 Esdras (here and here) and the writings of Paul.

– Peter Enns wraps up his series on Cain.

– Twenty-five key resources for studying the Book of Exodus.

– Nick Norelli asks why Jesus was tempted.

– Larry Hurtado begins addressing the identity of the “Son of Man” (here and here). Rodney Thomas addressed this as well here.

– Daniel Kirk ponders Jesus’ promise regarding answered prayer.

– T.C. Robinson shares Gordon Fee’s outline of Galatians. Also, in light of the earthquake in Japan, he asks why God allows natural disasters.

– Roger Olson writes on “post-conservative evangelicals”.

– James McGrath ponders what it would be like for liberal Christians to interact with the person of Jesus.

– Robert Barron explains why Jesus must be supernatural.

– Tim Challies tells us what else he’d have to deny to deny the doctrine of hell.

– Derek Ouellette reviews Miroslav Volf’s Captive to the Word of God and he begins reviewing Jesus, Paul, and the People of God here and here.

– Nijay Gupta reviews The Epistle to the Hebrews and Christian Theology.

– Cliff Kvidahl reviews Constantine Campbell’s Keep Your Greek.