There was a time in college when I read a lot of apologetics. It seems that the best way to counter people’s accusations against God was to develop logical responses that defend God. I have repented of this mentality.

God doesn’t need me to be his lawyer.

As I read through the Book of Psalms one year those classified as “lament” Psalms smacked me in the face. The holy Scriptures contained accusatory songs against God? Yes, yes they do.

As many of us watch the news regarding the devastation in Japan we ask ourselves why God allowed this to happen. Some of us will be tempted to formulate apologies for God for our friends and family. Don’t.

As the world mourns together during these types of events it seems to me that if there is anything God invites us to do it would be to look heavenward, hands open, eyes discouraged, tongue waving with a heart of faith. A heart of faith does not look like the cold theology of some Christians that think this is the time to rehearse the ending of the Book of Job. No, it looks like those Psalms where the author asks, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?!!!”

Yes, the type of Psalm that we find on the lips of Jesus during his crucifixion.

“My God, my God, why did you forsake Japan? Do not the Scriptures say that you created the boarder over which the ocean cannot pass? Were you not paying attention? Why did this happen?”

I doubt this intimates God. God does not want us defending him. God wants us in dialog with him. Yes, even angry, confused, disheartened dialog.

So pray that angry prayer asking why God has allowed this to happen to Japan. There will be time for theological reflection later. We need to let our mind rest and our heart shout. I think this is what God would expect from us.

My friend Rob Johnson has put his artistic skills to use for Japan. He is giving 100% of proceeds to the relief efforts. See his work here.