Yesterday I reviewed the interview with Rob Bell that occurred in New York City (read here). I mentioned several times that he seemed “evasive”. That was most defining part of some of his answers. Also, I did say that I am a bit sympathetic to this approach because sounds bites can be dangerous things.

BUT he keeps giving interviews. I guess he was on Good Morning America this morning and MSNBC sometime today. It is becoming more evident that he is not prepared to handle the onslaught that will come his way. Whether or not he has something beautiful or heretical to say is one thing; that he is now being made to look like someone who just wants to sell books is something else altogether.

Let me share this interview from MSNBC (via Jim West). It is ugly. It is the equivalent to a media TKO. I don’t know anything about Martin Bashir, except that he is fierce and he was ready to go after Bell. Bell was not ready.

I feel for Bell because this is a tough subject to address. I have sat down to talk about the doctrine of hell with people on several occasions and it is never, ever, ever easy. But maybe Rob Bell isn’t the person to tackle this subject. Maybe he would do well to preach and teach what he knows while discussing these big, career shifting questions with close friends and confidants, other pastors and former professors? Maybe it is not best to wrestle with it in front of thousand and thousands of watching eyes, friends and critics alike? That or learn to give an answer, because he wasn’t ready for what hit him.

Let’s continue to pray for Rob Bell as a sibling in Christ that the Spirit would guide him as he ponders this subject and that wisdom would lead him if this is not something he is qualified to address on a grand scale.