My Genesis through Song of Solomon class has been working through thePsalms for the past two weeks. Through our class discussions I am beginning to believe that there may be more personal perspectives on the content and usage of the Psalms than any other Biblical book. As I was sitting in class on Monday night, I started to wonder what the readers on Near Emmaus thought of the Psalms? How do you use them in your personal life? And what perspective do you take to the Psalter when you read it?

In class we have been exploring the messianic aspects of the Psalms, which some people in the class oddly seem to have a hard time accepting. I have found it very illuminating personally.

In my devotional life I have been keeping the Daily Offices as much as I can. This combined with my occasional attendance at an Anglican church for Sunday Worship, has exposed me to the importance of the Psalms for worship, and as a model for my prayers to God. Overall I am simply amazed at the depth, rawness, and beauty found in the Psalms.