It suddenly occurred to me today that I am now free to read whatever I want! What do I read? Fortunately the good folks at the postal service have seen fit to deliver a few books this week:

  • Firstly, I received the 3 Volume International Critical Commentary on Matthew by Davies and Allison. I bought these for my thesis however, I will use them throughout the year for sermon preparation. These commentaries are the cream of the crop!
  • Secondly, this morning Pope Benedict’s second volume in the Jesus of Nazareth series, Holy Week: From the Entrance Into Jerusalem To The Resurrection arrived. I had a glance at it and it looks very good. I was interested to read of his indebtedness to Martin Hengel. I plan to read this throughout Lent.
  • Thirdly, I had some time to kill yesterday and was near a bookstore so I picked up Richard Foster’s Life with God. More and more I feel drawn to contemplative writers and spiritual (ascetical) theology. There is something about it that resonates with my pentecostal background and the pastoral vocation as I understand it.

I would also like to make my through Peterson’s spirituual theology series this year. I have read two of them from cover to cover but I would love to read the whole series in one stretch. One a month maybe? Barth’s Dogmatics are a continual wrestle for me and no doubt I will hop around it some more.

What would you like to read?