“I suggest that Protestants start reading the Psalms sequentially, that those who embark upon a reading of the psalms, listen to them christocentrically, watching Christ do battle with the enemies of God…this is analogous to the way the church fathers and the reformers read the Psalms, though I propose we do it quite systematically. I propose that we listen to them being recited by Jesus Christ.” (William Holladay: The Psalms Through Three-Thousand Years: Prayerbook of a Cloud of Witnesses)

As we were discussing the Psalms last night in class. My professor put this quote on the board to illustrate that a christocentric reading of the Psalms was typical of the church fathers. Then to drive home his point he stated “and if you don’t put much stock in the church fathers then maybe you will put a little more in the New Testament authors. Because that is how they read it as well.”