– For the month of March we ranked #4 in the popular vote (see here) and #6 in the Alexa ranking (see here). Thank you to all those who voted for us and who continue to read our ramblings here on this blog!

– Darrell Pursiful has compiled this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival (LXI) which can be found here.

– Marc Cortez leads a discussion on Paul Pastor’s magnificent paper “Echoes of ‘Pure Speech’: An Intertextual Reading of Gen. 11.1-9, Zeph. 3.8-20, and Acts 1-2” here. This was the best thing I heard at the entire ETS NW Regional Conference. I highly recommend it.

– Brian Fulthorp meditates upon living the Lord’s Prayer here.

– Andrew Perriman discusses Rev. 14.9 and the phrase “the smoke of their torment” here.

– Roger Olson discusses the “essentials of Christianity” here.

– Peter Enns moves to the third part of his series exploring how evolution has been viewed in the Calvinist tradition here.

– Daniel Kirk reacts to Karl Barth’s approach to the doctrine of the Trinity here.

– P.J. Williams relays “a strong argument for forgery of copper ‘codex'” here. He shares his own thoughts on the matter here.

– You can see the latest issue of the Review of Biblical Literature here.

– Scot McKnight begins exploring Rob Bell’s book Love Wins here.

– Nick Norelli reviews Anthony Le Donne’s book Historical Jesus: What Can We Know and How Can We Know It here.

– Derek Ouellette reviews Gerald Bonner’s Freedom and Necessity here.

– Satan is suing Rob Bell and Harper One for defamation! Read here.