Welcome back to Monday! I hope that these reads make the beginning of the work week a bit more bearable:

– This blog is the second most read blog written by students and the most popular according to this post here.

– Mark Goodacre’s book The Synoptic Problem is now available for free online here.

– Daniel Kirk talks about the function of the first chapter of Romans here.

– Kathleen Nielson provides a list of books that help one become a better reader of Scripture here.

– T.C. Robinson interacts with Roger Olson’s statements about what is essential belief for a Christian here.

– Peter Nenadov interviews Mark Noll about the evangelical alliances of generations past here.

– Bruce Reyes-Chow says Easter worship services should not be any more special than every other week here.

– Trevin Wax begins reviewing Jesus, Paul, and the People of God here.

– James McGrath reviews Paul Foster’s book on the Gospel of Peter here. Also, he shares a round-up of the latest on the fake codices here.

– Joel Willitts continues his review of Brant Pitre’s Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist here as well as his review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins here. Scot McKnight continues his review of Bell’s book as well here. Sam Smith has some thoughts to share on Bell’s doctrine of hell as well here.