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– Ad Hoc Christianity podcast episode #14 is available here.

– William Lane Craig and Sam Harris debated morality with or without God last night. Audio has been provided here. The video has been embedded below (from here). By the way, Craig did a fantastic job keeping on topic. Harris just tells bad jokes and rants a bit. I think I like Harris’ shtick better when it is performed by Robin Williams!

– Todd Bolen says there is no evidence that Gehenna was a perpetually burning garbage dump here. There goes one explanation for the imagery of hell.

– Andrew Perriman introduces the new perspective on Paul, again, here.

– Fr. Ted Bobosh writes about how ancestral sin relates to a loss of communion with God here.

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– Ian Paul discusses the issue of women bishops in the Anglican communion here. Also, he reviews Scripture references regarding women and authority here.

– Most evangelical leaders do not think tithing is mandatory according to this CNN story here.

Finally, the following new reviews have been added to the Review of Biblical Literature and listed on the RBL blog (http://rblnewsletter.blogspot.com/):

Hannes Bezzel
Die Konfessionen Jeremias: Eine redaktionsgeschichtliche Studie
Reviewed by John Engle

Dereck Daschke and Andrew Kille, eds.
A Cry Instead of Justice: The Bible and Cultures of Violence in Psychological Perspective
Reviewed by J. Dwayne Howell

Gary N. Knoppers and Lester L. Grabbe, with Deirdre N. Fulton, eds.
Exile and Restoration Revisited: Essays on the Babylonian and Persian Periods in Memory of Peter R. Ackroyd
Reviewed by Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

Elizabeth Struthers Malbon, ed.
Between Author and Audience in Mark: Narration, Characterization, Interpretation
Reviewed by Tom Shepherd

Scott B. Noegel and Gary A. Rendsburg
Solomon’s Vineyard: Literary and Linguistic Studies in the Song of Songs
Reviewed by George Athas
Reviewed by Jonathan Kaplan

Barbara Nevling Porter, ed.
What Is a God? Anthropomorphic and Non-anthropomorphic Aspects of Deity in Ancient Mesopotamia
Reviewed by Aren M. Maeir

Jeremy Schipper
Parables and Conflict in the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by George Savran

Jacques Vermeylen
Jérusalem centre du monde: Développements et contestations d’une tradition biblique
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Morrow

Mark M. Yarbrough
Paul’s Utilization of Preformed Traditions in 1 Timothy: An Evaluation of the Apostle’s Literary, Rhetorical, and Theological Tactics
Reviewed by Korinna Zamfir