[Disclaimer: See my post on Holy Thursday here.] [For my post on Good Friday, see here.]

You might ask why I am posting about Easter Sunday on a Saturday. The reason is that the Catholic liturgical day follows the Jewish idea of day, which begins at sundown. I attended our Easter Vigil Mass, the queen of all Masses, tonight. Despite the simplicity of the Mass, it was probably one of the most profound experiences for me.

I could tell there was a contrast between this Mass and that of Good Friday. The altars were decorated with linens and lilies. The purple shrouds on the statues were removed. There was life again, and life anew.

The Mass began with the lighting of the Easter candle, which was the only light at 8:00 p.m. The candle was prepared and the procession begun with the intonation of “Christ Our Light” three times (the response was “Thanks be to God” after each intonation). At the second intonation, all lit their candles whose source was from the Easter candle. As the darkness in the room began to become engulfed and overtaken by the light from the candles, I caught a glimpse of how Christ is the Light of the World.

Perhaps the most moving part of the whole Mass was the Easter Proclamation (the Sunday Quote here), which focused on joyous Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. As the Proclamation was sung, a sense of awe, gratitude, joy, and understanding came over me, and I could not help but shed a few tears. In the announcement of His Resurrection signified by the blessing of the Easter candle, it was as though we got a taste of what it will be like to participate in the Resurrection of Christ, who is the Light that overcomes the darkness.

Sin is broken, we have been freed. We are no longer slaves to sin. That is a reality, not a fantasy. Christ lives and He reigns, and no historical critical method will ever convince me that He does not.

Peace be with you. May you experience the joy and power of the Resurrection this Easter Sunday!