A week ago I gave in and bought an Amazon Kindle, based on the overwhelming recommendations (thanks to all who gave their input). While I was searching the Kindle Store for books, I was amazed at how many biblical studies and theology books were already available. For those that are not yet available, there is a link that requests the book to made into Kindle format.

Overall, I would say that the Kindle has rekindled my love for reading. The ability to change the font to something comfortable seems to have enhanced my ability to read at a quicker pace. I also appreciate the ability to highlight, take notes, and share them.

The only real problem that I have encountered is the fonts on some books. I am unsure if this was solely because these were book samples, but with one, the font was very broken where certain letters had curves, like a c or an s. In both cases, it seems that the samples are taken directly from the print of the actual book. Is this the case with a fully Kindle-ized book?

If anyone feels a little generous and would like to buy me some books, here is my wish list: JohnDave’s Kindle Wish List. 🙂