– The Biblioblogger’s Carnival is ready for you to visit here.

– Fr. Ted Bobish discusses the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden in the liturgical tradition here.

– In case you missed it, I have been exploring how the Adam-Christ juxtaposition influences Romans: Pt. 1 here; Pt. 2 here; and Pt. 3 here. Also, if you haven’t seen my series of post giving advice to those wanting to leave Oneness Pentecostalism you can read them here: Pt. 1 here; Pt. 2 here; Pt. 3 here; Pt. 4 here.

– P.J. Williams has some criticisms of the choice of ἔπειθον in Acts 13.43 the SBL GNT here.

– Kevin Brown posts on the Christology of Heb. 1.4 here. Also, he shares the current state of his Christology, in general, here.

– Larry Hurtado writes about monotheism here.

– Andrew Perriman continues to write on election here.

– Roger Olson asks if Christians should celebrate death here.

– Ryan Collins shares some thoughts “on being an atheist” here.

– Michael Gorman announces that SPCK will be publishing a book by Stephen Kuhrt titled Tom Wright for Everyone here (Michael Bird mentions it as well here). That’s right, everyone! So someone should go pre-order a copy for Jim West.

– The Koinonia blog is giving away a copy of Kevin J. Vanhoozer’s Is There Meaning in the Text? here.

– Ben Witherington posts pt. 2 of his review of Defending Constantine here.

– The newest issue of the Themelios Journal is available here.

– David Stark’s doctoral dissertation has been accepted (read here). Congrats!