Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

– Daniel Kirk writes on “Paul and the story of the cross” here. Also, he confesses that he does “theological interpretation” of Scripture *gasp!* here.

– April DeConick informs us that there are digital images of the Nag Hammadi collection here.

– Nick Norelli points out a couple new articles on the Trinity here.

– Brian Fulthorp writes on the “already, but not yet” tension as it relates to the defeat of evil here.

– Rachel Evans has written a “Christians Guide for Not Being a Jerk on the Internet” here.

– Ben Witherington has posted his third entry on Defending Constantine here.

– The Western Seminary Blog is giving away a copy of the HCSB here.

– Marc Cortez writes a little about planning for Ph.D. or Th.M studies here.