HT: James McGrath

– John Hobbins reflects on the  Book of Job here.

– Nick Norelli announces a call for submissions for the 2011 Trinity Blogging Summit here.

– Ben Myers shares audio from his lectures on Augustine’s De Trinitate here.

– Peter Enns records the thirteenth entry on how Calvinist have view evolution over the years here.

– Rowan Williams and N.T Wright have given responses to the killing of Osama bin Laden here. (HT: Michael Gorman and Michael Bird) Ian Paul comments on Wright’s statements here.

– James Smith shares a story that may link the origins of rock and roll with Pentecostalism here! I always thought as a child that it was weird to hear rock and roll attributed to the devil while we were the loudest church in town. It makes sense now!

– I won a copy of Kevin Vanhoozer’s Is There Meaning in This Text? from the Koinonia blog (see here). Whoo-hoo!

– Nijay Gupta comments on Stanley Porter’s Fundamentals of New Testament Greek here.

Courtesy of Morgan Smith via Facebook