While I technically began blogging in late 2004 the first preserved entry is dated to May 6th, 2005 (see the first post, “Entering the Brave New World” here). That makes today the sixth anniversary of this blog in its various forms. The blog I had prior to this date was trashed because I was saying some nasty things about the faculty of my college and I received word that someone had informed them of its existence! I knew what I had written (originally intended for a handful of close friends) would be the end of me so I deleted the evidence. O the silly things twenty-two year olds do.

Six years later this blog is mostly about biblical and theological topics. In 2005 is was the journal of a kid who had just graduated from college and who was about to move to San Francisco, CA. It is amazing to see how much life has changed in a little over a half decade. I can hardly fathom who I will be in 2017 at the age of thirty-four. I wonder if I will still be blogging?!

Blogging has been therapeutic for me. After college it was an open journal to share my rants with the world. Now it is a journal to share my study notes with the world and my thoughts on current events. I don’t know who invented the idea of a blog, but I thank them.

And I thank everyone who has read over the years. Some have come and gone, others have been fairly consistent. The subjects have morphed. It has always been a great place to interact with others. In fact, I find that the blogosphere listens better than the people around me quite often! I am glad that I began blogging on the 6th of May, 2005, and that I have continued to do so.