– Kurt Willems continues his investigation into the compatibility of evolution with the story of Adam here.

– Bob MacDonald exegetes Jonah 1 here and Jonah 2 here. These posts were inspired by the question I asked here.

– Larry Hurtado discusses “worship in ancient religion” here.

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– Bill Cash pays tribute to Karl Barth’s one hundred and twenty-fifth birthday here.

– Marc Cortez shares a long list of audio resources on Jonathan Edwards here.

– James McGrath is moving Exploring Our Matrix to Patheos (see here) and Michael Bird and Joel Willitts are moving Euangelion to Patheos as well (see here).

– Ben Witherington posts part six of his review of Defending Constantine here and part seven here.

– Ryan Collins reviews Nora Gallagher’s The Sacred Meal here.

– Bruce Reyes-Chow jotted down some of his hopes as the PC (USA) voted on amendment 10a yesterday which would allow for the ordination of homosexuals here. By the way, the vote passed 10a. You can watch the announcement from acting moderator Cynthia Bolbach here. Read the official announcement here. James Kushiner says this is a “historic new low” for Prebyterians here.

– I wrapped up my series on exiting Oneness Pentecostalism. You can access all the posts here. Also, if you have been able to follow my series on Michael Licona’s The Resurrection of Jesus you can access them here: Pt. 1; Pt. 2; Pt. 3; Pt. 4; Pt. 5; and Pt. 6.