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– Ryan Collins discusses some difficulties with the Ex. 1-12 narrative here.

– John Hobbins critiques the NIV translation of Is. 19.16 here.

– Kevin Brown attempts to find a good definition of “canon” here.

– Roger Olson responds to Stephen Hawking’s statement that there is no heaven here.

– Matthew Malcom draws our attention to a series of books on sexuality in early Judaism and Christianity here.

– Brian Fulthorp gives some “seminary advice” here.

– Elizabeth of WIT begins a series on “weight, food, and God” here.

– James Tucker begins a series of post on textual criticism that will occur every Tuesday here.

– Steve Hall ponders “complexity and brokenness” in response to the recent approval of amendment 10a by the PC (USA) here.

– Nijay Gupta reviews Rob Bell’s Love Wins here.

– Samuel Lee discusses his book A New Kind of Pentecostalism here.