Sunday 22nd May 2011

I hate preaching. I enjoy preaching. I hate preaching (and on it goes).

I usually find the first week back from holidays difficult. This week more so because I decided to begin a series on Romans! I have always wanted to preach through the letter and figured now was as a good a time as any. Furthermore, I accpeted an invitation to preach at another church in the evening. I shouldn’t do that first week back!

I don’t know about others but I have a rhythm when it comes to preparing sermons. If I try to short cut the process even a little I find myself lost and I struggle to ever get to a place where I am comfortable with what I am saying. It doesn’t mean God won’t speak but I know I haven’t been true to what I know need to be done in order to hear the Word of God. It happened this way this week. You think I would learn!

My text this morning was Romans 1:1-7:

Paul’s letter to the Romans (Paul’s authorship is rarely challenged) is a breathtaking vision of the Christian life. The letter towers over the rest of the New Testament. I am sure when Paul was writing the letter from Corinth or nearby he had no idea the controversy his words would spark through the ages. I will leave my last word to the great Bishop who says this about Romans,

This letter is about the way in which, through the lens of the gospel, the covenant plan and purpose of the one true God has been unveiled before the world…the creator of the world has brought world history to its climax. Paul is urging the Roman Christians to understand this purpose, and their own place in it so they can live and work appropriately” (NT Wright, NIB, P.416)

Peace be with you,