It has taken me quite some time to realise that Wright provides more than just history and theology. Wright is actually presenting a new way (perhaps an old way revisited) of understanding the people of God and the Christian life. Wright is not as interested in old theological agendas. More than anything he is presenting the church with a new world view through which it might understand itself and the purposes of God.

Enter “Tom Wright for Everyone: Putting the theology of N.T. Wright into practice in the local church” Stephen Kurht, Rector of Christ Church, New Malden UK has written an accessible and practical introduction to the theology and ethics of Tom Wright’s work.

The book, recently released through SPCK, arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning (while I was trying to prepare a sermon!).  Kurht provides an introduction to Wright’s works, a guide to understanding his method and approach as well as practical ways in which his own church has sought to implement Wright’s worldview into the way in which they approach ministry and mission.

The chapter headings are as follows:

Forward by N.T. Wright

  1. The career of Tom Wright: emergence, scholarship and non-engagement
  2. Theological questions awaiting answers
  3. A summary of the theology of N.T. Wright
  4. Tom Wright’s theology in a pastoral context
  5. Tom Wright’s theology in a mission context
  6. Tom Wright’s theology in church life
  7. The challenge of Tom Wright to the church

I know that many out there will think this book is utterly ridiculous. They are wrong. Tom Wright is a wonderful and committed Christian theologian and even if you disagree with (sadly I find many who do have never read him or simply won’t engage with him on his terms) surely we can admit how important his work has been at reinvigorating Pauline studies and studies of the historical Jesus. Furthermore, I am also excited with the theological vision Wright’s work might be able to provide the church today. Maybe Wright hasn’t been strong on writing the “So what” but perhaps Kurht can help us to “think after Wright”. I look forward to reading this book. I like Wright’s “Critical Realism” and I wonder what vision his theology provides for the church today!