We ranked #14 in the Biblioblog rankings for the month of May continuing our slide further and further away from the top. 

Also, this month’s Biblioblog Carnival is available thank to Joel Watts over at Unsettled Christianity.

– Bruce Reyes-Chow writes on “pastoral transitions in a social media world”.

– Jeff Garner has posted some resources from the recent DISCIPLE! event in San Francisco.

– Tim Challies explains why even after John Piper’s recent interview with Rick Warren he thinks Warren deserves critique.

– Kurt Willems shares a video where N.T. Wright tells us what makes him angry and then asks what makes you angry.

– Tony Campolo proposes “a possible compromise on the gay marriage controversy“. (HT)

– Learn the differences between Protestant and Catholic graduates.

– Enter Philosophy Talk’s Conundrum Contest.

– Fred Sanders reviews Timothy Ward’s Words of Life