While we slipped down the ranks of the overall biblioblogs, we remain in the top five written primarily by students. Thank you to all those who visit, read, and comment! 

– Mason Slater asks some questions about Adam, Eve, and evolution.

– Andrew Perriman asks if the gospel was first told to the serpent.

– Daniel Kirk revisits the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Also, he shares an interesting quotation from Origen regarding Rom. 16.1-2.

– Bob MacDonald revisits Jonah.

– Matthew Malcom asks how we should translate Phil. 3.20.

– Bill Cash reflects on the Second Council of Constantinople.

– Tullian Tchividjian warns of the pitfall of perfectionism.

– Tripp Fuller tells us how theological educators can assist their students.

– Trevin Wax lists eleven question every pastor should ask.

– Mark Stevens resumes blogging at his old blog where he will be focusing on the life of a pastor.

– Brian Fulthorp comments on the Piper/Warren interview.

– Marc Cortez shares the top five regrets people have on their deathbeds.

– Dannah Gresh tells us that there is nothing brief about sexual hook-ups. Apparently, it received 600 + comments in response.

– Jim DeYoung posts his ninth entry on Love Wins by Rob Bell.

– Nick Norelli reviews Bradley G. Green’s Shapers of Christian Orthodoxy.

– Brian Croft reviews Eugene Peterson’s The Pastor here.