As someone who is from the San Francisco Bay Area, and who wants to see the gospel preached there, I can “amen” this video’s general message:

– Matt Emerson discusses unity as relates to Eph. 4 and the SBC.

– Tim Henderson asks if Marcion was the first to write a gospel.

– Bobby Grow outlines historic dispensationalism and then he discusses the continuation and discontinuation between historic and progressive dispensationalism.

– If you’d like a resource for early Rabbinic writings there is one available now!

– Trevin Wax says that gospel community is essential for understanding the gospel.

– Scott Lencke discusses healing from hurt caused by other people.

– Halden Doerge talks about place and ideology and then place, ideology, and incarnation.

– Jim DeYoung’s eleventh entry on Rob Bell’s Love Wins is available.