Today I asked myself, “What misguided doctrines do you think have been the most damaging to people you know?” I can think of two:

(1) The initial evidence doctrine: Why? I know Christians who denounce other Christians because they think everyone should speak in tongues. It has caused division in the body of Christ. It has caused people who have put faith in Christ to be unsure of their salvation. It has led to a weakened Pneumatology where people only see the work of the Spirit through particular ecstatic experiences.

(2) Word-of-Faith: I have known people who thought they were sick because they didn’t have enough faith, or that a loved one was not healed because of their lack of faith, or they can’t find a job because of their lack of faith. This makes Christianity very anthropological and not very theological in my opinion. Does faith matter? Yes. Does the “amount” matter? I don’t think so.

What doctrines have you seen taught in Christian circles that you would say have caused the most damage to people you know? Be warned: I am sure someone may name a doctrine in which you affirm (e.g. someone from a Pentecostal tradition may affirm “initial evidence”), so be careful not to be too militant, but I’d like to hear the thoughts of others.