Yesterday I asked a negative question, “What misguided doctrines do you think have been the most damaging to people you know?” I know this one is often easy to answer because we humans sometimes thrive on negativity. So let’s try something else.

What is the most edifying doctrine of Christianity from your perspective?

For me:

(1) The incarnation: When the Fourth Gospel tells me that the Word of God encamped in our midst (Jn. 1.14) this says something about the Christian God that I don’t think any other religion can match. It makes “God with us” in a sense that no other philosophy of humans can match. Likewise, as long as we avoid the error of minimizing Jesus’ humanity we are bound to find a God who has done his saving work directly through a man. This is the most humanist proclamation ever.

(2) Salvation by grace through faith: That God saves us through Christ by the Spirit is a beautiful, freeing, Trinitarian gospel. When taught correctly there is something amazing about knowing that faithfulness to our King doesn’t demand our perfection, or our good deeds, but rather the work of the Spirit on our behalf. This is why every time I sing “Amazing Grace” I am extremely thankful.

OK, your turn!