– Daniel Kirk addresses gender from Gen. 1-3 from the perspective that it is not “literal history”.

– Matt Emerson has more thoughts on the “historical Adam”.

– Daniel O. McClellan discusses the angel of YHWH.

– Jeremiah Bailey shares an “interesting interpretation” of Mk. 8.22-26.

– Nijay Gupta lists the best resources on the Fourth Gospel.

– Andrew Perriman discusses Israel’s atonement in Rom. 1-3.

– Tommy Wasserman list seven newly digitized GNT MSS.

– Bobby Grow identifies a Christian way to think about God’s relation to his creation.

– Lisa Robinson wants to know if we still need miracles today to believe in Christ.

– T.C. Robinson ponders the paradox of choice. This motivates Ryan Collins to identify the “Achilles heel of Calvinism”.

– Kevin DeYoung asks if sanctification is by faith alone.

– Andrew Jones comments on the SBC’s statements against Rob Bell’s view of hell. Brian Fulthorp scratches his head over their statement about the new NIV.

– Bruce Reyes-Chow tells you how you may know you are a “progressive” Christian.

– Anthony Bradley says that black professors have credibility obstacles at predominantly white universities.

– Beth of WIT shares some thoughts on “gender and basketball”.

– The twenty-third episode of the Ad Hoc Christianity podcast is available.

– T.C. Moore reviews John Walton’s The Lost World of Genesis One.