On Wednesday of this week I wrote a post asking readers, “What misguided doctrines do you think have been the most damaging to people you know?”. Yesterday I asked, “What is the most edifying doctrine of Christianity from your perspective?” The first post (to date) has fifty-four comments from twelve different people. The second post (to date) has sixteen comments from eleven different people.

I was pleased with this result because almost the same amount of people (and many of the same people) were able to say something positive about Christianity that had been able to point out something negative.

Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the overall trend among bloggers who write on subjects related to Christianity.

I have been told by more than a few bloggers that when they write on something controversial many people respond. When they write on something basic like the resurrection or the work of the Spirit there is often little response.

Do you remember when Justin Taylor suggested that Rob Bell may be a universalist? 1,506 comments.

Or when Don Miller said the church shouldn’t be lead by teachers and scholars? 498 comments.

Or when Kurt Willems listed the many ways one may know they are an “evangelical reject”? 151 comments.

I am not saying this from a high place as a rebuke toward others. I am prone to put in my two cents on these matters as well. I am not immune, but I am just a bit concerned. What does this say about the blogosphere and Christian involvement on blogs?

Why do we seem so disproportionately negative? Are we? If so, what can we do to change this?