– Marc Cortez shared the above video on his blog on Saturday. I had to share it here because it is awesome and I love coffee. Also, he asks, “What book of the Bible do you wish you knew better?”

– Larry Hurtado shares some of his own thoughts on manuscript longevity following the post that Craig A. Evans wrote last week. Also, he has a good thought to share on one’s personal stakes when doing scholarship.

– Bill Cash writes on Cyril of Alexandria and the condemning of Nestorius at the Council of Ephesus.

– C. Michael Patton lists ten arguments for the existence of God.

– Tim Gombis discusses how election relates to God’s love. Also, he provides the purpose of divine election.

– Julia of WIT shares some reflections on pregnancy.

– Kevin Brown attempts to define “scholarly consensus”.

– Marc Cortez reviews The Story of God and the Story of Us by Sean Gladding.