I thought folks might be interested to know BibleWorks 9 is now available. I reviewed BibleWorks 8 last year and cannot speak highly enough of the program. If you are looking for an exegetical language based resource then BW9 will serve you well. Personally I tend to use Logos 4 more because I have invested so much into the program and did so before trying BW8. Logos 4 is a digital library system which also does languages but it is ridiculously resource heavy. BW9 is a language tool with some library capabilities.

Both are great programs. BibleWorks 9 also includes some great new features  including more tabs and more language and text tools. Having said that. I must admit the user interface still looks a little old for my liking. I was kind of hoping for an entire rebuild to match Logos 4. I guess the basic design works in its favour when it comes to speed and ease of use. Check it out you will not be disappointed!