Midnight in Paris (2011) [SPOILER ALERT]


Synopsis: Owen Wilson plays Gil, a successful script-writer who wants to be a novelist. He is engaged to Inez (Rachel McAdams) who is a self, mean-spirited woman who doesn’t want Gil to risk his career on a pipe dream. As Gil begins to feel more and more ostracized from Inez’s family and friends he decides to take a late night walk through Paris. He gets lost only to be rescued by a group of party-goers who pick him up on the side of the road. Before he knows it he is rubbing shoulders with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, listening to live music from Cole Porter, and having his manuscript proof-read by Gertrude Stein while falling in love with Pablo Picasso’s girlfriend.

Positives: This movie displays Woody Allen’s genius. If you are nostalgic, a fan of great literature and other arts, and/or a history buff you will love this film. Owen Wilson does a great job of being likable and Rachel McAdams does an even better job of being unlikable.

Negatives: I can’t think of one other than that if you are not familiar with the 1920’s (which I am not) you may miss a bit the first time around. That said, I intend on watching it again when it comes out on DVD.