As of this Sunday I am shifting across to the lectionary as the basis of my preaching roster. This is not something I am looking forward to but I sense it is the right thing to do. I like preaching through stories or books of the Bible (By stories I mean the life of Samuel, Abraham, David etc)  and yet I feel the lectionary, I feel, has something wonderful to offer spiritual formation in the life of the church which frees us to incorporate scripture more easily into the service.

The lectionary will form the structure of our service. The Psalm will act as our call to worship the second NT reading and OT reading will guide the theme of the service (unless of course I am preaching from the OT) and then one of the texts will be the teaching passage. Over the next 3 years most of the Bible will be read in our church. I hope I can remain disciplined enough to follow it through.

I am wondering what others’ experience of following the lectionary for Sunday preaching has been? Positive/negative? Any hints, tips or warnings would be gratefully appreciated!