John 1:14 And the Logos became flesh and tabernacled among us

This verse speaks of event of the Incarnation. Yet, it also speaks of the continual indwelling of the Word within believers. This is bolstered by many references to keeping Jesus’ word(s). Keeping Jesus’ words is connected with the Father and Son making their dwelling place in the believer (John 14:23). A disciple, and thus one who is truly free, is one who continues in Jesus’ word (8:32). Jesus’ word(s) continues to come to believers through the Holy Spirit (14:26).

We must also consider the linguistic argument. More literally, 1:14 may be translated: “And the Logos became flesh and tabernacled in us.” In the Johannine writings, the preposition “in” with a first person pronoun often speaks of “union.” This reading of 1:14 in the sense of a Word-believer unity seems possible.

Thus, the Word not only was made flesh, but the Word continues to dwell in believers. In some sense, the Word is continually embodied in those who are children of God. Believers, continually living in the grace of God, become a living representative of the living Word that dwells within them.