– Peter Enns asks “how much of the Bible is actually inspired?” and “what happens in inspiration?”

– Mark Goodacre gives a talk on the Gospel of Peter.

– Ben Witherington shares some thoughts on the longevity of biblical manuscripts.

– Stanley Hauerwas says being a Christian is not a private matter.

– Anthony Thiselton shares some memories of John Stott.

The following new reviews have been added to the Review of Biblical Literature and listed on the RBL blog (http://rblnewsletter.blogspot.com/):

Scott A. Ellington
Risking Truth: Reshaping the World through Prayers of Lament
Reviewed by Philip E. Satterthwaite

Andreas Hahn
Canon Hebraeorum-Canon Ecclesiae: Zur deuterokanonischen Frage im Rahmen der Begründung alttestamentlicher Schriftkanonizität in neuerer römisch-katholischer Dogmatik
Reviewed by Mark Elliott

K. L. Noll and Brooks Schramm, eds.
Raising Up a Faithful Exegete: Essays in Honor of Richard D. Nelson
Reviewed by Kent Harold Richards

B. J. Oropeza, C. K. Robertson, and Douglas C. Mohrmann, eds.
Jesus and Paul: Global Perspectives in Honor of James D. G. Dunn for His Seventieth Birthday
Reviewed by Bernard Ukwuegbu

Yoon-Man Park
Mark’s Memory Resources and the Controversy Stories (Mark 2:1-3:6): An Application of the Frame Theory of Cognitive Science to the Markan Oral-Aural Narrative
Reviewed by James D. G. Dunn

Henning Graf Reventlow
History of Biblical Interpretation, Vol. 3: Renaissance, Reformation, Humanism
Reviewed by A. K. M. Adam

Henning Graf Reventlow
History of Biblical Interpretation, Vol. 3: Renaissance, Reformation, Humanism; and Vol. 4: From the Englightenment to the Twentieth Century
Reviewed by John F. A. Sawyer

Matthew Sleeman
Geography and the Ascension Narrative in Acts
Reviewed by Steve Walton

Michael G. Wechsler, ed.
The Arabic Translation and Commentary of Yefet ben ‘Eli the Karaite on the Book of Esther: Edition, Translation, and Introduction
Reviewed by John Kaltner

Timothy M. Willis
Reviewed by Christophe Nihan