A few days ago I mentioned that I will be reviewing the new Bibleworks 9 on this blog (see “Bibleworks 9”). I asked if there was anything in particular that readers of this blog would like to know (an offer that is still open). One person asked why they should consider an upgrade, so let me answer that now.

I don’t know. I did not own Bibleworks 8 so I can’t tell you how I feel about it.

Let me share what I know is new:

(1) Fourth Column: You can have four columns in the main window now. It was previously three.

(2) Verse Tab: This tab allows you see study and critical apparatus information in one of the columns simply by scrolling over it.

(3) Manuscript Project: I think this is the best feature. You can examine actual scans of Vaticanus, Sinaiticus, and other important MSS. I think there will be more added later, so this could become a really great feature if you want to dabble in textual criticism.

(4) Moody Atlas: It has one hundred and eighteen maps!

(5) CNTTS Critical Apparatus: This allows you to see how various MSS read this verse and you can have the column open while reading the text.

(6) Use Tab: This shows you the use of a given word in other parts of Scripture. All you have to do is move over the word.

(7) ESV Study Bible: This popular Study Bible is not standard in BW 9.

There is more. You can see the complete list here.

I used BW 7 and it seems much smoother and I like being able to have more on my screen at one time. I can’t speak to BW 8, so the reader must decide for his or herself.