When I wrote on Bibleworks 9 (BW9) yesterday (See “Bibleworks 9: Why upgrade?”) I was asked about the CNTTS (Center for New Testament Textual Studies) Critical Apparatus. James Tucker wanted to know if you can search variants between texts (e.g א and P 66) by entering one MSS and then asking for it to show all the differentiations on another.

The above video makes it evident that there are a variety of ways to do searches. If you want to search on a particular verse (the video uses Jn 1.18) then you can open the apparatus in an additional window. If you prefer to search on the basis on MSS differences in general go to Resources –> Textual Criticism –> CNTTS, NT Apparatus (search). You should see this screen:

On that top bar where it says VU/MV type. You can choose from “I” for insignificant, “L” for Lacunae (if you want to see MSS where this part of the text is extant or not extant), “S” for significant, and “Z” for singular (when there is only a single Greek witness for a given variant) and/or you can then enter a Var.code: 0 for the base text, UBS 4th; 1 for “a reading that represents the base text with only minor differences”; 2-20 shows changes in two or more witnesses; 50-59 show where there is only one Greek witness or a reading with only Latin support, and 99 is a Lacunae. You can examine Minor var. (variations) such as “E” for error; “H” for Homoeoteleuton (a reading that likely is the result of jumping like endings and with this function also beginnings); “N” for movable Nu; “O” for orthography (vowel confusion or spelling differences); and “X” or a Nomina Sacra (e.g. θς
as short for θεὸς).

After entering this data I can search, but I don’t see an option for predetermining a comparison between two specific texts. Does anyone know if this is possible in BW 9? 

(For a better overview of the CNTTS Critical Apparatus see the post at The Bibleworks Blog. Also, there is a forum on it.)