For one reason or another I didn’t give much attention to the search window when I used BW 7. As this above video shows the search window is fairly simple and easy to navigate. You can search by reference (e.g. Ex 12.1); broader reference (e.g Ex 12.1-7); a whole chapter (e.g. Ex 12); a word in English (e.g. .Jesus); a word in Greek or Hebrew (e.g. .λόγος).

What if you want to search for the name “John” when there is a book by that name. The difference is in a period. To enter the Gospel of John write “John”. To search for the name John write “.John”. There are other command codes as well.

You can determine what version to search (e.g. BGT or KJV). The video shows a few ways to change your search version. There are a handful of other helpful search tools worth knowing to navigate BW 9. The basic goal of search is simplicity and considering the complicity  of the program BW 9 is easy to navigate.