I had the chance to take an intensive Latin course over the summer. After a good few months of my getting a grasp on the language, my Latin instructor felt it was time for me to go beyond the more simple readings in the Oxford Latin Course. So here are my picks:

Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine. This is a parallel Bible with Nestle-Aland’s Greek New Testament and Latin New Testament side-by-side. I am aware that the Latin here is the second edition of the New Latin Vulgate. Because of this, the Nestle-Aland Latin NT has received some criticism, but at this point it makes no difference to me.

Confessions Books I-IV. This one is published by Cambridge University Press. Although the font and typesetting of the book are a little less than perfect for me, this looks to be the best Latin Confessions I have found.

At this point and in addition to the Oxford Latin Course, I am equipped with Wheelock’s Latin (7th ed.) and Collins Latin Concise Dictionary.