– Tim Gombis discusses the Apostle Paul’s claim to be “not ashamed of the gospel”.

– Larry Hurtado writes on Nomina Sacra in early Christian graffiti.

– Tim Henderson wonders if Celsus gives evidence of early “orthodox” primacy. Also, he shares a quote from Justin Martyr regarding the legitimacy of Jewish Christianity.

– Craig Evans discusses Morton Smith and Secret Mark. James McGrath has thoughts in response.

– Shai Secunda lists some recent dissertations in the area of Talmudic studies.

– Michael Bird continues his case for dual baptism.

– Joel Watts is inviting people to record a video of themselves discussing mythicism.

– Marc Cortez asks if confessional scholars have to “check their brain at the door”.

– Peter Enns defines what inerrancy is not.

– Bob MacDonald is considering writing an essay on translation.

– Brad Littlejohn asks if we really want a Christian President.

– Ben Myers’ Faith and Theology blog has been given a face-lift.

– N.T. Wright will be releasing a new book this fall: Simply Jesus.

– C. Michael Patton reviews Douglas Groothuis’ book Christian Apologetics. I’m guessing Patton will be positive toward it since it wasn’t written by a Roman Catholic!

– Kevin Brown reviews J.D.G. Dunn’s Unity and Diversity in the New Testament.