I received word this morning that neither Norm Geisler nor Michael Licona are members of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), so I thought it would be important to make that clarification because one of the main concerns seemed to be Geisler’s reference to Robert Gundry was his way of hinting to Licona that he would seek to remove Licona like he did Gundry. Why is this important? Well, because whatever one may think of ETS this situation has little to do with the society except indirectly as we discuss the doctrine of inerrancy, its meaning, and its usefulness (or lack thereof, depending on your view).

I apologize for anything on this blog that may have mislead readers to assume that this is an ETS controversy. It still matters for evangelicalism, it seems to have impacted the Licona family as his son-in-law has commented here, but it has nothing to do with ETS.